Caffinitas Object Mapper for Apache Cassandra and Java

Caffinitas is an advanced object mapper for Apache Cassandra which has been especially designed to work with Datastax Java Driver 2.1+ against Apache Cassandra 2.1, 2.0 or 1.2.

Beta testers wanted

Although a huge effort has been spent on code correctness and testing, there's no guarantee that everything that people want works really as they want and need it. So we are looking for people and/or companies who want to give Caffinitas Mapper a try, work with us to make it a rock solid thing and get priorized support. If you are interested, contact the project members.


Caffinitas Mapper features are:

  • declarative model using Java annotations
  • C* 2.1 user types mapped as Java composites
  • support for C* 2.1 tuple types as composites
  • Java composites mapped to "flat" columns
  • "table per class" and "single table" (with discriminator column) inheritance
  • runtime schema changes ("code more tables and columns than currently present in C*") - when support is added to DataStax Java Driver via JAVA-151 and JAVA-361
  • support for org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.CompositeType and org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.DynamicCompositeType
  • map-entities - access to CFs using partition key only and build a map of composite key to value column(s)
  • Java List/Set/Map mapped to C* primitives and user types
  • optional lazy loading of Java List/Set/Map mapped to C* primitives and user types
  • denormalizing entities (but without automatic "reverse updating" - changing the "source" entity has no effect on the denormalized one)
  • asynchronous execution of loads (SELECT) and modifications (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE)
  • execution of callbacks pre- and post-load/persist/delete with optional arguments
  • allows generation of entity and user type dependency graph flattened to a list as a basis to code schema setup scripts
  • allows generation of entity and user type CREATE / DROP / ALTER+CREATE DDL statement lists
  • conversion API to convert Apache Cassandra data types to and from any other Java type using custom converter implementations
  • writes with serial consistency (CAS - compare and swap)
  • per request statement options (IF EXISTS / IF NOT EXISTS / IF / TTL / WRITETIME / LIMIT...)
  • update batches (DML statements - INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE)
  • use arbitrary WHERE clauses with prepared statement replacers for queries - either programmatically or as declaration via @CNamedQuery annotation
  • very high throughput UUID generator - nearly lock free - uses C* CAS to generate unique host/clock combinations (in artifact caffinitas-mapper-uuidgen)
  • optionally INSERT/UPDATE only those columns that have been changed
  • columns using DataTypeName.CUSTOM
  • execution tracing via flexible interface (per thread, filtering, own implementations possible)

Features which are "anti patterns" in Apache Cassandra:

  • To-One relations (mapping of "foreign" primary key) using eager loading

Planned features are:

  • composite inheritance - similar to single-table-inheritance for entities - includes discriminator field
  • exclusive and read-write locks based on serial consistency
  • To-Many references by mapping primary keys as a C* composite in C* list/set/map types using lazy/eager loading
  • programmatic declaration of indexes and API that support "query using index"
  • validation support
  • generation of schema specific byte code generated during runtime to execute mapping as fast as possible
  • allow optional limitation to a per-request set of attributes for an entity (for wide entities) to read/insert/update
  • SPI to integrate other/additional backend storages like Elasticsearch or SolR
  • More Converters
    • Converter for multi-column types (e.g. Joda DateRange)
    • Predefined converters for Joda
    • Predefined converters for JDK8 javax.time
    • Converter registration by class name
    • Generic composite converters for JSON, XML and other text formats
    • Generic serialization converters for serializable Java objects (with pluggable serializers)
  • Extend map entities with static (value) column support
  • Consistency level per entity class


  • lazy loading
  • instrumented entity object instances
  • support for counter columns
  • CQL table and user type options (e.g. bloom filter FPC) in annotation code - with indirection to allow configuration per target environment

Mailing List

Visit Caffinitas Mapper Mailing List


Look into the Documentation Root and get familiar with the API docs and take a look into the class org.caffinitas.mapper.demo.Demo in the caffinitas-demo artifact.

A simple Getting Started is available, too.


Contributions (features, code fixes, doc improvements) are welcome! Please ask on the mailing list before starting a new feature. Even creating new tickets in issue tracking is appreciated.

The name "Caffinitas"

... has no special meaining. It is an artificial word.

C* is used as an abbreviation for Apache Cassandra. For details about Apache Cassandra see and


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